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MMC Asia Monthly Summary

October, 2018

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Experiences of Female Refugees and Migrants

A comparative study of women on the move from Afghanistan, East and West Africa

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About MMC Asia

MMC Asia’s main activity to date has been 4Mi data collection among Afghans on the move in Afghanistan, Europe and South/South East Asia. From the second half of 2018 and onwards, MMC Asia will be further developed and focus more on mixed migration in South East Asia, including further expansion of 4Mi in that region.

The Asia Monthly Summary

A summary of monthly developments related to mixed migration by country - including reported arrivals, departures and internal displacement regarding cross-border movement - and discussion of relevant policy changes.

Monthly Summary Asia, October 2018

The following document is the first MMC monthly summary providing an overview of mixed migration trends in Asia region including a specific focus on the core countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia & Indonesia. The summary is put together based on available secondary data at the time of publication. The MMC was established in...

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MMC Asia works in three domains:

  • Information and data collection and dissemination
  • Synthesis, analysis and research
  • Support to programming, policy development and dialogue by providing knowledge, raising questions and instigating further thinking on mixed migration issues

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