4Mi Infographics

This section presents 4Mi findings on selected themes and issues. Data is presented for each of the 7 major migratory routes where the network of 4Mi field monitors interviews refugees and migrants on a daily basis. 4Mi data offers detail and analysis on aspects relating to:



Profiles, in terms of education, occupation, family situation, nationality, age and gender.


Drivers, looking at primary and secondary reasons for moving including aspirational perspectives.


Conditions, in terms of how they travel, where they travel and how long they take and where they stay as well as what assistance they were offered along the way.

Protection & Risks

Protection & Risks, including fatalities, rights violations, detention and kidnapping. Where it happens and who is responsible.


Smugglers, to what extent smugglers are involved, what they do and what they are paid, what their relationship is with refugees and migrants, their self-perception and level of perpetration of rights violations by smugglers.


Destinations, and which ones are most chosen by those on the move, for what reasons and what are their intentions on arrival.

This infographic section is a work in progress launched in early November 2018. Initially a limited number of graphics are offered. Additional infographic will be continually added. All infographics are updated quarterly, with previous quarters available in the archives sections on each page.Agencies or individuals needing more or other specific data or access to the 4Mi dataset for their own research purposes, are invited to contact MMC directly at info@mixedmigration.org