4Mi Infographics

Choose a topic to discover more about people on the move on the seven major routes where 4Mi is operational:

Afghanistan to Europe
Afghanistan to South/Southeast Asia
Horn of Africa to North Africa/Europe
Horn of Africa to Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Horn of Africa to South Africa
West Africa to West and Central Africa
West Africa to North Africa


Who is moving? Profiles of respondents: education, occupation, family situation, nationality, age and gender.

Reasons for moving Primary and secondary drivers, including people’s aspirations.

The Journey How people are travelling, their routes, the duration, and what assistance they are offered.

Protection Incidents Fatalities, detention, violence and other rights violations. Where are they occurring, and who is responsible?

Smuggling Findings from our interviews with people involved in smuggling.

The Destination Where do people want to go and why?


For more about how 4Mi collects and analyses data, see the Frequently Asked Questions. If you are interested in more details on the data presented, or access to the dataset, contact us at info@mixedmigration.org.